General Description

– Prepare orders according to the customer’s preference using established recipes, portions, and methods established by the Company.
-Regularly check all food items to ensure adequacy and quality at all times. 
-Maintain a clean and safe work environment.
-Keep all work stations and equipment as clean as possible at all times. Follow a cleaning schedule for designated equipment and storage areas. 
-Work together in a team oriented environment to produce foods in a timely and orderly fashion. 
-Cook menu items on a grill or use a deep fryer, cooker, stove.

–   Keeps immediate supervisor promptly and fully informed of all problems or unusual matters of significance.

–   Performs all duties and responsibilities in a timely and effective manner in accordance with established company policies to achieve the overall objectives of the position.

–   Maintains a favorable working relationship with all other company employees and guests to foster and promote a fun and harmonious working climate that maximizes morale, productivity and efficiency.

Provides a favorable image of the Company at all times to promote its objectives and enhance public recognition of all its areas of endeavor.


work experience requirements

–      Basic communication skills (read, write, speak, and understand English)

–      Ability to perform manual labor (up to 25 lbs.)

–      Able to stand for long periods of time and move around at a brisk pace

–      Able to work in cold/hot environments

(Part-Time) Cashier / Counter Help

General Description

–   In charge of the order taking and the cash register. This would include cash and credit card transactions and balancing the register at the end of the shift.

–   Stocks , Cleans and sets up the customer area.

–   Must be competent with computerized register system and have good cash handling skills.

–   Must have experience in retail sales, and be professional, polite, and reliable.


work experience requirements

–      Basic communication skills (read, write, speak, and understand English)

–      Must be able to give clear, friendly greetings and farewells to guests, as well as being able to understand requests for assistance.



9:00 AM – 8:30 PM

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